Constantin Brancusi and Richard Serra

Catalogue to the 2011 exhibition

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Sculpture as a field of experimentation. Brancusi and Serra

Constantin Brancusi and Richard Serra, two great sculptors of the 20th century, are here deliberately brought face to face. The catalogue is devoted to the ground-breaking oeuvres of these two renewers of modern sculpture. The direct juxtaposition of their works reveals traits in common but also fascinating differences, and makes the universal power of sculpture compellingly evident. These similarities and contrasts are explored in essays by F.T. Bach, distinguished Brancusi expert, Oliver Wick, curator of the exhibition, Alfred Pacquement and J. Matisse Monnier.

Discussions of individual works by a range of authors and annotated biographies of the two artists provide a comprehensive and detailed insight into their respective sculptural oeuvres.

A wealth of full-page, high-quality color plates document the different phases in Constantin Brancusi and Richard Serra’s artistic evolution. All the works in the exhibition are illustrated in the catalogue.

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Details The catalogue comprises 244 pages with approx. 182 illustrations, including 80 in full color
Edition Hardback
Language English or German