Andy Warhol
Flowers, 1965

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Boards for skaters and collectors

The key motif in Warhol’s Flowers series derives from a photograph that the artist discovered in a magazine. On the basis of it, he rearranged and varied the number of blooms, running off numerous screenprints that differ from each other in color and format. In the present version, however, the blooms and green background were painted by hand. The subject of flowers illustrates Warhol’s serial principle perhaps more succinctly and yet more poetically than any other. Thus, in depicting flowers, the natural potential of plants to proliferate is combined with their technical reproducibility as decorative motifs for mass production. Although the fragile and ephemeral nature of flowers was transferred by Warhol to the realm of monumentality, an air of vulnerability and nostalgia also clings to his Flowers. In fact, his first flower pictures followed on directly from his Disaster series, in which he focused on media images revolving around death. Warhol’s Flowers can, therefore, also be seen in light of flowers as a symbol of fugacity and death.

Product info

Edition 500
Size 6 Boards each 80 x 20 x 0.7 cm
Material maple wood, 7 ply
Print Digital print / screenprint
Date 2017
Signature signed and numbered in the print

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