Art figure 'Stella' black with magnet shoe

Victor Fritz

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Stella runs

Whether jogging round the park, running marathons or sprinting down the racetrack, Stella never breaks into a sweat and delights running fans with her gracious figure and great mobility. The art figure designed by Victor Fritz, and produced in his Basel studio, can be positioned in a multitude of ways thanks to her eight joints. Available in black or white and with running shoes in bright yellow or red, Stella can be shaped into your very own running sculpture. Athletics lovers might want to stage their own meet, by combining several Stellas and letting them compete against each other!

Product info

Size 20 cm high when fully unfolded
Material Plastic, running shoes in red or yellow
1 shoe with magnet
Joints Nickel-plated brass rivets
Packaging Metal box, 95 x 60 x 12 mm
Manufacturer Fritz Modellbau Basel, Switzerland