Beatriz Milhazes, De/En/Pt

Monograph on her oeuvre

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The four seasons in Brazilian

Beatriz Milhazes (*1960 in Rio de Janeiro) takes the basic motifs for her vibrant paintings from the tropical natural environment of her native Brazil, as well as from the history and culture of the former Portuguese colony. Her lively compositions of abstract ornaments, arabesques, flowers, geometrical shapes, and rhythmic patterns demonstrate the influence of artists such as Henri Matisse, Piet Mondrian, and Sonia Delaunay. Beatriz Milhazes’s flat spaces are infused with depth by the lightness and dynamic colors of the decorative elements they contain. She builds up her paintings in a unique fashion that borrows from the techniques of collage and decal transfer.

This book presents Beatriz Milhazes’s four monumental paintings on the theme of the four seasons. These major new works are complemented by striking collages, and by a graceful mobile that testifies to the artist’s embrace of multiple media within her oeuvre. Beatriz Milhazes also designs and makes stage sets, façades, textiles, and ceramics.

A foreword by Teresa Gouveia and Samuel Keller, and texts by Michiko Kono and Delfim Sardo, provide a deeper insight into the artist’s work. 

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Beatriz Milhazes

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Details 72 pages with 40 color illustrations
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