Bracelet - Telephone wire

Contemporary South African Handcraft

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Handcrafted from telephone wire

Upcycling is the transformation of waste materials into new products. Not only does it save resources, but it is also a creative process in which unusual and innovative objects take shape. This was the case with these bracelets, too, which are now hand-made from specially manufactured telephone wire by South African craftswomen in KwaZulu-Natal. They combine alternative materials with local artistic heritage and tradition to create something entirely new. Each individual bracelet is unique and testifies to the enthusiasm and skill of these women artists, who have formed a collective under the name “Wirework”. By purchasing these bracelets, which are available in various cheerful colors, you are directly supporting this sustainable local design initiative.

Product info

Size Width 5.5 cm, diameter 7 cm
Material Telephone wire
Colour Light grey