Citrus reamer BULB


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Handy and handsome

Bulb lets you squeeze citrus fruits straight into a glass or bowl, efficiently and with style. Easy to grip, its bulb-shaped body integrates two sizes, meaning you can juice lemons and limes with one end and oranges and grapefruit with the other. When not in use, Bulb sits on its bamboo stand and adds a dash of designer flair to the kitchen. Bulb was created by multi-award winning London-based designer Simon Stevens for the Finnish company Magisso, which has likewise won many awards for its products.

Product info

Material Stainless steel (reamer) and bamboo (stand)
Size 14.5 x 7 x 7 cm
Weight 150 g
Cleaning Reamer is dishwasher safe; bamboo stand is hand-wash only