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Rediscovering the Painter of Light – Read Up on Him in a Handy Little Book

“I’m pursuing the impossible . . . I want to paint the air in which the bridge, the house, and boat are to be found—the beauty of the air around them . . .” Claude Monet wanted to capture more than just air and light in impasto paint on canvas, as he explained in a conversation with the Danish author Herman Bang in 1895. The master of light was also a master of shadows and reflections. This is evident in his most famous paintings, such as that of the façade of the Rouen cathedral, or the haystacks painted against light, or in the reflections of the water lilies in the pond at Giverny. In particular, his sun-drenched groves, coastlines, and depictions of the Seine in both summer and winter, demonstrate how Monet revolutionized painting by questioning the conventional notions of what a painting could be. This exquisite volume is devoted to the works from the period between 1880 and 1905 and truly paints Monet in a new light.

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Claude Monet

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Details 56 pages with 28 illustrations
Edition Hardback
Language French
Size 15.5 x 20 cm