In Search of 0,10 – The Last Futurist Exhibition of Painting, English

Catalogue of the 2015/16 exhibition

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Including a large number of works from the original exhibition

This exhibition celebrates the historic moment in the history of modern art when Kazimir Malevich debuted his new non-objective paintings under the banner of Suprematism and Vladimir Tatlin introduced his revolutionary counter-relief sculptures. They were bitter rivals and diametrically opposed in their creative thinking, so when an exhibition in which their new works appeared, entitled 0,10: The Last Futurist Exhibition of Painting and organized by fellow artist Ivan Puni in Petrograd in 1915, the other 12 artists in the show chose sides. It was a stylistically diverse exhibition, with cubist-inspired works and the first non-objective paintings and reliefs. The Beyeler’s presentation will include a large number of the works from the original exhibition. The catalogue will include essays by exhibition curator Matthew Drutt and other leading scholars, as well as documents gathered together and translated for the first time.

Texts by Matthew Drutt, Sam Keller, Maria Tsantsanoglou, graphic design by Miko McGinty

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Details 280 pages with 200 illustrations
Edition Hardback
Language English
Size 25 x 31 cm