Jeff Wall. Specific Pictures

Stefan Gronert

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Jeff Wall. Specific Pictures

Canadian Jeff Wall (born in Vancouver in 1946) is considered one of the most influential artists of the present day. He specializes in large-format photographic tableaux fascinating viewers with enigmatically staged everyday scenes that at first glance generally seem simple and objective. One of Jeff Wall’s major innovations is the use of the light box, or rather its transformation from the world of advertising into the world of art. His light boxes enable him to enhance his large-format color diapositives, actually making them “illuminated” images, which even outdo cinema screens in terms of alluring glow and lighting effects.

Independently of the vagaries of specific exhibitions, German art historian Stefan Gronert (born in 1964), photography and media curator at SprengelMuseum in Hanover, has written a compelling monograph on Jeff Wall, analyzing and discussing 17 major works by the artist from an art-historical perspective, image by image. Stefan Gronert’s varied image analyses are supplemented by an introductory essay and an original interview he conducted with the artist for this book. In it, Jeff Wall talks extensively about his world of imagination and his “cinematographic” work process.

The result is a concentrated artist’s monograph which lends the work an original voice and provides key insights.

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