Oloid - Aluminium polished

Paul Schatz

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Staggering beauty

In 1929 the sculptor, inventor and mathematician Paul Schatz realized how Platonic solids could be inverted, resulting in the discovery of new geometric shapes. By observing the angles and diagonal lines when inverting a cube he created the Oloid. If the Oloid rolls down a slightly inclined surface the rhythmically pulsing movement can be observed in a different way. To this day the Oloid is used in biotechnology as a stirrer or as a means of propulsion in ships. The Oloid has also achieved artistic fame due to the total harmony of it's body which is created simply from two circles. It has become the embodiment of dynamic beauty and can be admired while still or tumbling. Discover the Oloid as an accessory for your home or workplace. Available in several sizes, made from marble, wood and bronze.

Product info

Material Aluminium polished
Size 170 x 110 mm
Weight 1300 g
Design Paul Schatz