Oloid, bronze

Paul Schatz

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Geometry meets art


Paul Schatz (1898–1979) was a German-born, Swiss-based sculptor, inventor and mathematician who realized that Platonic solids could be inverted to create new geometric forms. These were in turn capable of a new kind of movement. Following on from his invertible cube, Schatz discovered the oloid, which he patented in Switzerland under the number CH500000 as a “device to generate a tumbling motion”. Let the oloid roll down a gentle slope and you can recognize the same rhythmically pulsating principle underlying the invertible cube. The oloid is not just a beautiful object, but has a number of practical applications for science: it is used in navigation, water purification, and as an agitator in biotechnology. Naturally, the present Oloid in bronze is specifically designed for the home or office. Standing or rolling, it never ceases to delight. A mathematic phenomenon in three-dimensional form, it is a constant source of fascination.


Product info

Material Brass/Bronze
Size 170 x 110 mm
Weight approx. 1.3 kg