Robert Rauschenberg
Overdrive, 1963/2017

Art Edition

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Painter and photographer, graphic artist and object artist

Robert Rauschenberg became known in New York at the outset of the 1950s as a painter of monochrome works. In the mid-1950's, his so called "Combines"– works combining painting and sculpture, assembled from various found objects and pictures as well as expressively applied paint – helped him to achieve his breaktrough. The individual components do no necessarily relate to one another directly; instead, their selection is based on chance. The same goes for the skateboard motif – a typical Rauschenberg.

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Technique: Seriegraph

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Edition 300
Size 80 x 20 x 0.7 cm (each board)
Material maple wood, 7 ply
Print screenprint
Date 2017
Signature signed in the print

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