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Robert Rauschenberg
Watermelon Medley, 1982

Art Edition

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Painter and photographer, graphic artist and object artist

Robert Rauschenberg became known in New York at the outset of the 1950s as a painter of monochrome works. In the mid-1950's, his so called "Combines"– works combining painting and sculpture, assembled from various found objects and pictures as well as expressively applied paint – helped him to achieve his breaktrough. The individual components do no necessarily relate to one another directly; instead, their selection is based on chance. The same goes for the skateboard motif – a typical Rauschenberg motif.

The Mission of The Skateroom is devoting great attention to the sourcing of their boards and aim to work exclusively with Grade A Maple from certified sustainable forests in Canada. In addition, the packaging is made from recycled materials, and supporting products chosen to limit the impact on the environment. The Skateroom also offsets its carbon emissions and proudly wears the CO2-neutral label. Finally, through their collaborations with engaged artists, they dedicate up to 25% of every sale to support social skating projects around the world.

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Edition 300
Size 80 x 20 x 0.7 cm
Material maple wood, 7 ply
Print screenprint
Date 2017
Signature Top-print includes printed signature and edition number

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