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Wayne Thiebaud, English

Catalogue of the 2023 exhibition

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Color in Abundance

Wayne Thiebaud’s famous, literally candy-colored still lifes of pies, cakes, gumball machines, and lipsticks reflect the promise and abundance of the American way of life―a society of plenty, where supply exceeds demand. The tactile impression created by his pasty layers of paint brings the objects to life and creates an atmosphere in which irony and melancholy are carefully balanced. Testing the possibilities of painterly expression, Thiebaud’s brilliant painting technique explores the boundaries of the real and imagined world. This catalogue presents all aspects of the legendary American artist’s oeuvre, including still lifes and portraits, as well as his deserted, multi-perspective cityscapes and river landscapes, in luminous pastels that exude a peculiar summertime sadness.

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Wayne Thiebaud

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Details 160 pages with 156 illustrations
Edition Stiff Brochure
Language English
Size 32 x 23.5 cm
Delivery time approx. end of April