Cildo Meireles
Untitled, 2019

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Perceptual Speculation

In his works, which primarily take the form of large-scale installations, Brazilian conceptual artist Cildo Meireles creates complex orders and new spaces of meaning through the use of simple objects, in most cases taken from domestic daily life. Philosophically dense speculations arise when, for example, he builds a Tower of Babel out of old radio sets, carpets a floor with countless eggs, constructs a teepee out of 6,000 banknotes –
surrounded by a sea of bones – or, in La Bruja (The Witch) with its miles and miles of black wool yarn, confronts chaos with order. A theme that Meireles also takes up in his Untitled 2019 photogravure.

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Technique: Héliogravure

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Héliogravure Cildo Meireles

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Edition 50 + 21 AP
Technique Photogravure couleur (8 couleurs au total) sur papier Zerkall-Bütten, 300 g/m².
Taille de la feuille 30 × 40 cm
Certificat numéroté et signé

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