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What can painting be today

Starting with his exploration of classic visual themes, Rudolf Stingel has developed a wealth of motifs. Besides various series of abstract and photo-realist paintings, he makes large-format works out of Styrofoam, paintings cast in metal, and spaces covered in carpeting or acoustic tiles that viewers can touch or walk through. In his first European museum exhibition, the Fondation Beyeler is presenting Stingel’s most important series of works from all phases of his career. The companion catalogue has been conceived as an artist’s book and unfolds the visual variety and diversity of Stingel’s art. Contrasting photographs of individual works and views of exhibitions point out new associations, allowing a completely refreshing perspective of his oeuvre.

The contemporary painter Rudolf Stingel was born in Merano, Italy, in 1956. Since the late 1980s he has lived in New York. From the start of his career, his art has dealt with the possibilities and limitations of painting.

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Artiste: Rudolf Stingel

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Rudolf Stingel

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