Rudolf Stingel
WOW Plate (white), 2010

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Works on Whatever

The Merano-born artist Rudolf Stingel, who today lives in New York, has explored the possibilities and limits of painting and perception since the beginning of his career in the late 1980s. This finds expression not just in large-format canvases in which he captures, in photorealistic style, the majesty of a mountain massif or the kitschiness of a sunset, but equally in abstract series of pictures in which he thematizes the passage of time and thereby seeks to render it palpable.

«WOW» (Works on Whatever): This Rudolf Stingel Edition with Bernardaud is part of Art Production Fund’s «WOW» series. «WOW» functions conceptually with APF’s program of expanding art audiences and helps fund major public art initiatives.

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Technique: Objet Artiste: Rudolf Stingel

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Objet Rudolf Stingel

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Edition unlimited
Size 26.7 cm
Material Limoges Porcelain
Colour white

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