Edward Hopper. A bis Z, ALLEMAND

Ulf Küster

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Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Hopper

That incomparable melancholy in Edward Hopper’s pictures occasionally leads us to look at the details of his life. Where exactly did this master of loneliness live and work? What were his most important influences while he was working on his great paintings of America? In this wonderful, simply structured, A-to-Z book, Ulf Küster pursues these themes, which say a great deal about the painter and his interests, and yet he never loses sight of the artist and the necessary distance to his inimitable pictures. Thus, Küster strolls through the ABCs of Hopper’s life and work, from the “American landscape,” “Buick” “Goethe,” and “shadow and sunlight” to the key word, “zero.” On the way he opens up many new doors or insights, enriching the views of Hopper’s paintings and making it possible to interpret them in new ways. An entertaining and informative book.

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Edward Hopper

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Détails 120 pages avec 40 illustrations
Édition Broché
Langue Allemand
Dimensions 19.5 x 13 cm
Auteur  Dr. Ulf Küster