Henri Rousseau

Le lion ayant faim, se jette sur l'antilope (1898/1905)

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Jungles in Paris

The French painter Henri Rousseau made his breakthrough with the painting Le lion ayant faim, se jette sur l'antilope (1898/1905). Ridiculed and scorned by art critics and the public at the end of the 19th century, at the start of the 20th Henri Rousseau became a revered artist of the avant-garde.

ANSICHTEN no. 1 takes an in-depth look at this magnificent jungle scene. Detailed descriptions, technical data, special features, background information, and questions of interpretation all fall within the scope of this booklet.

The ANSICHTEN (‘VIEWS’) series has been created for art lovers and teachers. Packed with insights, the series allows you to explore the works in the Fondation Beyeler in greater depth. 

Each ANSICHTEN volume also contains a section specifically designed for art educators. This part of the book suggests ideas for practical exercises and experiments that can be performed in the museum, in the classroom or at home.

The ANSICHTEN series published by the Fondation Beyeler is an enjoyable and entertaining way of deepening your knowledge of a work of art.

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Details The booklet comprises 24 pages and contains numerous full-color illustrations
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