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FINK Product Design

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The FINK is a self-injected project by FINK Product Design. Inspired by the oloid, the FINK is a formal experiment with the aim of expressing different impressions and emotions through the arrangement of two identical shapes. As a decorative object, it finds its place in living rooms or offices. For FINK Product Design, however, it is more than just a decorative object; it performs its service as a three-dimensional brand element and has to give up its feathers for any material experiments.

The FINK is made by a traditional ceramic manufacturer in Germany: Hedwig Bollhagen-Werkstätten is the only manufactory that emerged directly from the Bauhaus to produce and reinterpret the finest design ceramics with original shapes. The workshops in Marwitz on the outskirts of Berlin, founded in 1934, produce limited small series of the highest quality. HB-Keramik is known for the perfection of simplicity, which allows for a variety of combinations of decors, shapes and design.

Product info

Size 10.2 x 12.3 cm
Material Ceramic, glazed
Colour Lilac
Design FINK Product Design
Manufacturer Hedwig Bollhagen Werkstätten