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Scented soap that brings you luck

These welcome soaps in the shape of a tai fish make very special gifts. For they bring good fortune, well-being and beauty to the recipient’s home. Firstly, the tai, or sea bream, is traditionally considered a symbol of good luck in Japan. Secondly, the soaps promote relaxation with their exquisite scent and creamy texture. Thirdly, they promise “a skin as beautiful as a jewel”—thus the meaning of the name of the manufacturer, Tamanohada. The soaps, presented in beautiful packaging, are available in three fragrances: Pomegranate (red), Muscovado (black) and Lily (white). They have been handmade in Japan for many years, in small quantities and to the highest standards of quality.

Product info

Manufacturer Tamanohada
Flavour Lily
Size 10 x 17.7 cm