SAT, 03.06.23
11h – 18h


Migrating Voices

Last year Lynsey Peisinger was invited to make a new performance work, which would be shown alongside select pieces in the Collection Beyeler, as well as Palimpsest by Doris Salcedo. Peisinger was extremely moved by Salcedo’s work and in response created a piece that sets a quiet and intimate tone in the museum. It platforms voices and languages from different parts of the world and seeks to create a container for collective thoughts on displacement and loss. As per aspects of Peisinger’s work, this project articulates the ways in which community can be built through common experiences, as well as the importance of community for people that have been displaced, marginalized or moved out in some way. Working with a small collective of singers from different countries, Peisinger choreographed a music/singing installation that expresses longing for togetherness and our human need for deep connection, especially when we are separated from our loved ones. Especially when we are experiencing isolation. During the course of the day of 3 June, the singers will perform the piece in the museum/galleries four times at specific intervals. The music consists of existing songs as well as a few original pieces written by the singers.

Performer: Mer Ayang, Lynn Aineo, Jelena Dojčinović, Sandra Nickl, Nadja Stoller
Director: Lynsey Peisinger


Baselstrasse 101
CH-4125 Riehen/Basel