Do it, with love. 100 Creative Essentials

Frank Bodin

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Do it, with love.

Creativity is considered the currency of the post-industrial age, i.e. the very near future. When robots do the work for us and artificial intelligences do the standardised thinking for us, new ideas are the gold of tomorrow. But what is creativity actually? And what triggers it?

In one hundred short thought-provoking articles, the celebrated top creative Frank Bodin provides the answer. He presents his "Creative Essentials" in a small, hand-flattering booklet, a vademecum that many use as a notebook, even if that was never the plan...

At first glance, the English-language Essentials are plausible, almost obvious. But then they unfold their power. They give you new ideas. Inspire.

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Details 216 pages
Edition Softcover
Language English
Size 15.6 x 11 cm