Wien 1900. Klimt, Schiele und ihre Zeit, German

Catalogue of the 2010/11 exhibition

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Vienna 1900

With the Vienna Secession and Wiener Werkstätte, Vienna around 1900 was one of the cradles of modern art. Ideas and influences were exchanged between artists, artisans and architects, in a process of cross-fertilization that defied the traditional divide between art and craft. In a wealth of examples, the catalogue shows how Viennese Modernism embraced the concept of the Gesamtkunstwerk, the integral work of art.

This opulent catalogue brings together renowned ornamental portraits and landscapes by Gustav Klimt, erotic drawings by Egon Schiele, and works by a host of other artists, architects, furniture designers, and artisans of the Vienna Secession and Wiener Werkstätte. Adolf Loos, Otto Wagner, Koloman Moser, Joseph Maria Olbrich, and Josef Hoffmann are among the most important representatives of this period. The catalogue also features early works by Oskar Kokoschka, oils by Richard Gerstl, and a few paintings by Arnold Schoenberg.

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Details 272 pages with 289 illustrations
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Language German