FRI, 22.12.23


«The Winter Solstice Gong Bath» Meditation mit Alan Steinborn

Alan Steinborn leads this gong meditation to open up the senses as it quiets our minds. His gong baths serve to facilitate physical regeneration, emotional balance and spiritual well-being. No experience needed. It works by itself. Effortlessly.

The session (90 minutes) finishes with enough time to visit the museum and its exhibited works afterwards with a heightened and blissful sensitivity.

The event will take place in English. Guests are kindly requested to bring their own yoga mats.

“Friday Beyeler” is an invitation to start the weekend off with a relaxed evening visit to the museum. The museum remains open until 9 p.m. and the restaurant until 10 p.m. Further information at


30 years ago, Alan had a life changing awakening. It was an unexpected mystical moment of clarity that he was not his thoughts nor his feelings. As a result, he organized his whole life to explore the meaning of that moment. He intuitively developed a meditation to explore the nature of thought, sensation and beyond.
He began sharing this meditation with others. His goal was to help people live their lives in more mindful and loving ways, with less unneeded suffering. In addition to offering sessions throughout the US, he was invited to give sessions in Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Bali, India, and Brazil.
Eventually, he discovered the gongs, and realized that the same realizations can be had, but with much less effort. Now, he focuses his attention and time on being the best gong player he can be. He has seen how the gongs, when played in a sensitive and creative way, bring about instant and profound transformation.


Baselstrasse 101
CH-4125 Riehen/Basel