Vase - Turmalili

Helena Tapajnova X Fondation Beyeler

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A magic moment of symbiosis

The creation of the vase Turmalili is based on ideas of Impressionism and the water lily as a key element in Claude Monet's painting. The outer, transparent vase mimics the painting style of Impressionism, emphasizing the incidence of light on its textured, water-like surface. What is special about the water lily-inspired tourmaline color of the inner vase is its natural color gradient. It poetically and delicately evokes the association of blossoms on a pond. When both vases are filled with water, a magical moment of symbiosis is created.

The Turmalili vase was designed by Helena Tapajnova exclusively for the Fondation Beyeler and is mouth-blown by Niesenglass in Switzerland.

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Manufacture Mouth-blown in Switzerland
Details Two vases